Expres Menu – the food not only for travelling, review

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No matter if you are at home or you are travelling, we have to eat and drink. There are plenty of ways to clean the water if the source is available. Anyways, the situation changes when it comes to the food. Hunt or find your lunch is interesting but today’s topic is cooked – ready meal. We are focusing on Expres Menu – packages of ready meals for travellers.

Retro Schnitzel or pate? No, I prefer … menu

The era of school snacks is over. There is a variety of products available for the case when there is no restaurant or a shop around the corner. We can find MRE army meals, travellers Adventure Menu, Summit to Eat, Travellunch, Mountain House, Expres Menu and many more. The Kecall team has been asked to test the previously mentioned packages from a Czech company called Expres Menu. This menu got a good rating in the article of GR11 Trek. So let’ have a closer look at it.

What can I offer you? A menu or … Expres Menu?

Let us show you how testing packs got the interest of divers from Lucky Diving club. For more information look at the youtube episode.

A hunger is a good chef, however, Expres menu cooks better!

Testovací sada Expres Menu
Testovací sada Expres Menu

There is only a part of a group in a youtube episode. Overall 15 people taste the food. And what was on a daily ‘Expres’ menu? Boršč soup, Petra Voka gulash, turkey in self-sauce, potatoes and rice porridge. Opinions differ person by person. Regardless if we have to formulate the percentage, we could count 85%. Stop write a styled article, let’s get deeper to the facts.

What makes Expres Menu interesting?
  • A simple but strong advantage is a form – ready meal, just needs to heat it! Without any need of adding water into.
  • And what’s more, the expiration time is after 3 years! Thinking twice, it is not instant food! This expiration time is absolutely amazing and worth to point out.
  • A price – although we are not comparing other trademarks, the price is a quantity worth to point out. Even if is without a side dish!
The other side of a golden coin, disadvantages
  • The main disadvantage is a weight – more package more weight in the bag on the road. Of course, you can send packages somewhere into the middle of nowhere but you need to pick it up and then carry in the bag again.
  • Nutritional contents are so-so for extream conditions such as a high-mountains trek.
50 shades of grey

Thank god, the world is not in a grey scale, on the other hand, it makes the comparison more difficult. It always depends on personal needs and compare-criteria. Where we are travelling and how, if we are family with kids or single traveller on a motorbike or backpacker or a member of the high-mountain expedition. In a mountains we are more taking care of nutritional content and weight, the low-cost traveller takes a care about price and drive or family can prefer easy prepare. Then ask a self-question: do I prefer instant food or ready meal? The answers help you to find the best types of a food for travelling.

Where to eat it … that is the real Shakespeare question 🙂
  • Weekend cottage or cottage at the lake – the long expiration is an advantage and you can easily get a hot meal after fishing – ready meal without long cooking time. 🙂
  • Moto trips – weight is no problem, and you don’t need to bring a lot of ingredients.
  • Canoeing, rafting – there is always a place on the board for Expres Menu especially when there is no open fast-food at the riverside or the season is over.
  • Underwater – ok, I’m joking now. Sure in a submarine can also help but who can say I have a submarine? A better case is to heat it after dive on a diving trip. That make a day perfect.
  • Holidays and family trips – spend more time with children than with cooking. Let the professionals cook instead of you :).
  • A finally in a bag? Yes, there is also the place. One package can solve the issue what to eat in late arrive.
The gastro summary

The taste is more about personal preferences and it is a lot spoken in a youtube episode. Our final rating is 85% and that is pretty good! The fail package is a sweet rice – the main argument is taste/weight/nutrition is worse then if you create your own cereal mix. The winner packages are soup and turkey. Almost all who tasted it said that is excellent. To cross over mountains with ham and beans is possible but, the ready meal is better. Another aspect for pointing out, except the form/weight and the taste is the ecological footprint. Only one bag instead of a lot of plastic waste for separating dried stuff (in the case of MRE). Worth to think about, don’t you think? Sure, for expeditions when weight matters is the winner different but also the price is DIFFERENT. In comparison to China instant soups or instant chicken soup when you need to compute also the water weight is Expres Menu excellent choice not only for travelling for its taste, form and expiration.

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