Busking – 7 great tips for busking

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What is good to know and what to avoid? Today’s episode helps you be successful in your busking. Slávek Král gets us closer to the topic.

VIDEO: Busking “when an idea rules them all”

7 tips for better busking

1. Quo Vadis (where are you going), busker?

It is really important to ask yourself a question “Why am I doing busking?”. There are only two possible answers (and their combination). To have fun or to make money for something. If you really want to make money, you have to be on right place at right time! And be better than the others!

2. Good place vs excellent place?

Ok, let’s focus on earning money. Choose the right place. The place means the right choice of a country, a city as well as a real spot. Think about it deeper. You always make more money in countries with higher life standard – in Europe – Germany, Austria, Switzerland … On the other hand, you have to think about the costs of your living in the target destination and balance it. You can get more money on busy streets, park gates, etc. than in small villages. However, the villages make it possible for you to get closer to locals and make new relationships or unique experience.

3. Everybody move your body!

Back to business, back to towns. There is no worse place then start another guitar play close to two other guitar players. Don’t be afraid to find another new spot. Who cares if it is because of a really hot sun or other buskers. The new place brings you new opportunities and a chance to get new ‘clients’.

4. A fine is not fine!

Every town (sometimes every district) has different rules. Ask local authorities about busking rules and time or place restrictions. Better to ask then sorry, pay a hefty fine!

5. I am a bored panda, make me interested!

Only a few buskers get the audience’s interest with their skills only! Get ready and get better, prepare your spot including your costume. What is more interesting from your point of view: juggling zombie or Sponge Bob creating foam bubbles? Be creative! Don’t think that only a hat on the floor only will make you a ‘millionaire’! Do you make a great show? Use some background music! Are you a composer/musician? So play also something known from the radio, and get the people’s attention and interest!

6. The final countdown!

The beginning can lure people but the end, the end makes the money! A performance as well as a song has to have its own ending and people have to realise that. Make a wow effect and give the impulse to the audience “Ladies and gentlemen, now you can start with the sponsoring! Fill up my wallet!”

7. Going well? No?

You are an excellent singer, but your guitar case is empty? An idea is the father of profit. People are sometimes fed up with guitar players or mime. Create something new, combine activities. Simply be unique! Do you know how Slavek has made his busking group catchy? Watch the video till the end!

Slávek Král is a traveller with more than 8 years experience, his activities motivate young people to travel. He has travelled the world twice, spending a half a year on each continent which has made his hitchhiking score over 110 000 km. You can learn a lot from his workshop about low-cost travelling, working abroad, money saving or just read his travel blog.

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