Antarctica 33 packing tips & „alien planet“ without the need of a spacesuit

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Antarctica the place where have been a few travellers. Mart Eslem visited it twice. On an icebreaker like a commercial tourist and then on a board of the adventurous yacht. Besides the catchy interview, there is a sheet of 33 … Read More

Oman offroad + 7 tips for effective travelling

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Travelling through Oman is not suitable for all travellers. Travellers are forced to accept a little bit of luxury. More about it with some hints for visiting Oman offroad in the article with Vláďa Váchal.

Expres Menu – the food not only for travelling, review

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No matter if you are at home or you are travelling, we have to eat and drink. There are plenty of ways to clean the water if the source is available. Anyways, the situation changes when it comes to the … Read More

Busking – 7 great tips for busking

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What is good to know and what to avoid? Today’s episode helps you be successful in your busking. Slávek Král gets us closer to the topic. ČESKÁ VERZE ČLÁNKU

Trek GR11 “discover the Pyrenees”

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Imagine! Trek through Pyrenees and its 45km vertical drop on GR11 trail. Start on Atlantic coast and rech the Mediteran sea.